Unlike CBD oil, Hemp Paste™ is NOT chemically extracted from the hemp plant. Instead, the whole hemp plant is ground up and mixed with MCT oil or a carrier oil that helps transfer as many Phytoconstituents into the bloodstream. Both CBD oil and Hemp Paste™ come from the same plant, but CBD oil goes through an unnecessary damaging extraction process. Co2, Ethanol, Alcohol and Butane are the 4 popular extraction methods. Hemp Paste™ eliminates all these methods due to the medicinal damage they cause and product waste.

The whole hemp flower (Hemp Spectrum) contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, cannaflavins, enzyme’s, nutrients and a whole array of phytochemical constituents. All these naturally occurring compounds work together making synergistic results within the body.

⁃CBD Isolate (1 compound)

⁃ Full spectrum CBD Oil (244) Compounds on average)

⁃ Whole Plant/Hemp Spectrum/Hemp Paste™ (500 plus compounds)

Hemp Paste™ contains the complete genetic code of the hemp plant because the hemp plant was never removed.

One might say that there is nothing wrong with full-spectrum oil because it works, so what’s the big deal? Our response is; besides the fact, a lot of the medicine ends up in the trash because it is impossible to remove all the medicine from the physical plant and it leaves an unnecessary environmental footprint because the machines and chemicals are unnecessary, And Neuroscientists have stated the whole plant creates a superior entourage effect. Not only is there serious waste but there is serious damage done through chemical extraction which destroys MANY of the medicinal phytoconstituents. One should easily conclude Hemp Paste™ is worth looking at.

Imagine… only being able to use 16 letters out of 26 letters of the alphabet. You could still communicate, but it would be very limited. CBD oil compared to the whole plant is exactly that. You feel the results of CBD oil but until you try the whole plant you will never understand the difference.


The term Hemp Spectrum was coined by a group of industry professionals who wanted to separate themselves from the greatly misused term “Full Spectrum” or full spectrum oil. The meaning of the word “Full” means not lacking or omitting anything; complete. CBD oil is incomplete and far from “full” as it contains under 200 out of the 500 plus phytochemical constituents found in the plant. In layman’s terms, CBD oil doesn’t smell or look anything like the cannabis plant. MANY of the plant’s compounds are missing and yet the CBD oil industry ignorantly uses the term “full spectrum”. When you hear the word “hemp” you think of hemp plant, right and not an oil that contains less than half of what the whole plant contains. That is NOT “full” spectrum.


My Nutra® is the creator of Hemp Paste™ and as much as possible we avoid using the term “CBD”. We are huge fans of all the “whole plant” and not just CBD because CBD is only one part out of 500 plus elements of the plant. When you buy a 2000 mg jar of Hemp Paste™ there are over 2100 mg of Phytocannabinoids AND all the terpenes and the complete genetic code of the plant.


Some consumers do not want any traces of THC, but Neuroscientists believe having trace amounts are beneficial especially for creating the “entourage effect”. The government has regulated the THC limit at 0.3% which obviously does not cause any psychoactive effects, or they would have set the level at 0.0%. So, the need for zero THC hemp strains is subjective, but most experts would agree that removing the trace THC is less effective.


THC is known to be psychoactive, and CBD non-psychoactive CBD and a few other major Phytocannabinoids stimulate the CB1 receptors in the central nervous system which might in some people feel similar to the effects of caffeine.


Hemp is ONLY classified as hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC. In most states, if the hemp tests over 0.3% it will then be called marijuana. It is extremely weak and useless marijuana but by definition it is marijuana.  Our hemp strain contains on average about 0.24% THC. Most of the farms across America are running between 0.24% and 0.46%.

Whenever you hear claims of CBD oil having zero THC you can be assured the THC was chemically removed and the product is now incomplete and damaged because the process removes not only THC but many phytochemical constituents. By nature, the cannabis plant will have at least 0.16% THC (non-psychoactive levels) and the small amount of THC plays a very important role in the “entourage effect”. THC removal is an unnatural chemical process in which neuroscientists highly discourage.


Yes. Our Hemp Paste™ has been tested through a certified laboratory. Our test shows zero presides in every category. Click HERE to see our most current laboratory report.

If you have followed the news lately, MILLIONS of products are NOT organic. CLICK on the following link  Thousands Scammed By Organic Food Fraud. That is why an actual laboratory test is posted from each crop we grow.

Lab Reports

We can claim to be organic as our lab reports will verify that, but we don’t waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a certified sticker on our product and then pass that cost to you. Simply look at our hemp flower lab test and see we have ZERO pesticides. Just like organic but cost effective and verified.

So how much should I take? Users of Hemp Paste™ commonly claim that it takes less Hemp Paste™ than CBD oil to see results. The world-famous neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro said that you can increase the amount of CBD oil and it will not change the results because CBD oil is incomplete. This means with the whole plant or Hemp Paste™ you spend less money and receive better results.

The FDA does not allow us to prescribe a daily dose. A popular method is to calculate milligrams by half of your body weight. Example:  If you weigh 180 lbs. then half of that is 90 or 90 mg dose. That is about 4.5 dosing spoons as 1 dosing spoon is about 20 mg of Phytocannabinoids. Each dosing spoon is 1/8th of a teaspoon. That is the popular dosage on the internet BUT because Hemp Paste™ takes fewer milligrams per product, you might not need so much. That must sound like good news to your ear.

Before you choose the ½ of your body weight suggestion, we highly recommend starting out slow. Start out slow with one scoop on day 1 and each day add another scoop to the total until you get the results you want. For example:

Day 1 = 1 Scoop
Day 2 = 2 Scoops
Day 3 = 3 Scoops
Day 4 = 4 Scoops
Day 5 = 5 Scoops and then maybe keep increasing OR decrease intake based on how you feel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount of cannabinoids you take is based on what illness you have. For preventive reasons, most people would take a lower dose compared to stage 4 cancer.

One of the most common mistakes is taking only one scoop a day and wondering why it doesn’t work. Another common mistake is not taking Hemp Paste™ on a regular basis. Please read below the PHYTOCANNABINOID X FACTOR.


The best bang for the buck (get your money’s worth) is to administer it sublingually but some people dislike the natural bitter flavor of the plant. If the taste bothers you, you may put it in a gel capsule or chase it down with water.


No. Even if you consumed an entire jar of Hemp Paste™ in one sitting (we DO NOT recommend this), it will be a waste of product and you could end up with a euphoric feeling or drowsiness. Hemp Paste™ does not contain the psychoactive properties like THC does. Both respond in two very different ways with your receptors throughout your body.

We recommend telling your employer that you are taking Hemp Paste™, which is legal. Tell your employer that they MUST send out your test to a more accurate testing facility because the popular/current THC test kit cannot distinguish between THC and CBD. You can also request that your employer give you a blood test as those are able to definitively distinguish the amount of low/legal amount THC in your system. YOU MUST request the test to show BOTH levels of THC and CBD. If you fail to request this, it will result in a failed drug test.
We are passionate about providing people with knowledge so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your health and well-being. We all want more days full of life and vitality. Currently, the new discovery is Phytocannabinoids/hemp. Call it a new billion-dollar discovery for a good reason. But before you jump on the hemp train, we have a question for you:

God forbid, but let’s say you have cancer and you ask yourself this question, “did I get cancer because I wasn’t taking Hemp Paste™?” Of course not. You did not get cancer because you were not taking Hemp Paste. So why are you wanting to use Hemp Paste™ to help with your cancer? We ask this question because we want you to look at disease in a simple, logical way. Yes, Hemp Paste™ is improving millions of lives, but we MUST build a foundation on nutrition as well. We must fix the original problem and also add an arsenal of herbs, nutrients, enzymes and things like Hemp Spectrum.

There are a list of minerals, proteins, enzymes and nutrients we all need to be healthy. For example:
• Eliminating zinc 100% can be fatal.
• If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin E, your IQ can decrease.
• Chlorophyll alkalizes the body, making the body less acidic.

HempPaste.com has tens of thousands of hours working with naturopathic and holistic doctors including nutritionists, herbalists, neuroscientists and researchers. It all comes down to one simple problem, if anyone is deficient and cannot absorb nutrients, they will lack energy, get sick or be in a fatal, life-threatening situation.

We can see this in history, between 1500-1800 A.D., where an estimated two million sailors died of scurvy from a lack of vitamin C. If we lack trace minerals, vitamins or enzymes our bodies will not operate as they should. Could it be that simple? Simply lacking nutrition. There have been numerous accounts where a sick individual would spend years trying to diagnose their illness and when they took a high-end multivitamin, they suddenly became well.

So, we simply break it down to 2 simple things:

1. Nutrition – detoxing and alkalizing the body to be healthy.
2. Hemp Paste™ – decreasing inflammation and creating an individualized homeostasis within the body where cancer has little place to thrive.



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